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napkin thoughts (002): perfection kills creativity

WP_20130904_00420130904162828Do you have a desire to be perfect? I do.

Do you have a desire for the things you make to be perfect? I do.

The desire of perfection leads to not creating or finishing things.

Have you ever experienced this?  Perfection kills creativity.

The creative process is messy.  It has to be.  If we wait for the draft to be perfect we will never finish the draft.  If we wait until the product is perfect we will never release the product.  Even as I write this post, I am trying to make it perfect and I never will.  At some point if I want to impact people I will need to hit the publish button.

The question that always comes to my mind is when will I know when something is ready to release.  It depends.  How is that for an answer?  My general rule of thumb is 80% or above.  Some projects require 90% or better.  It may be different for you.  However, I know this, your product will never be perfect.  There always will be an error.  Guess what?  That is okay.  Release it to the world.  Inspire us with your creation.  Stop hiding it.

What have you been working on that you won’t release because it is not perfect?

What is the percentage needed for you?

What is one thing you can release, publish, sing, show the world today?

We need your creation(s).  Remember perfection kills creativity.

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napkin thoughts (001): creativity = assembly


Have you every uttered the phrase “I am not a creative person”?  Or “I am not creative, like ______”?  Or “If ____ was here we could have a creative answer to this problem”?

These are all myths.

Everyone is creative, some just need to uncover or rediscover their creativeness.

Have you ever heard the creativity myth that being creative means you have to come up with original ideas?  I have.  Many times in fact.  This scares people away from allowing themselves to be creative.  The truth is…

Creativity = Assembly

Creativity is about stealing ideas from many different places and assembling them in a way no one has before.  It is that simple.

What do you think?  Does creativity = assembly?

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