Lead Like Steve Jobs

The headline to this article was 50% click-bait and 50% to prove a point.


Don’t Be Lead Like Somebody Else
Confession: I read tons of articles on how to lead like __________. Sometimes it is Steve Jobs. Sometimes Warren Buffet. Sometimes Mark Cuban. Sometimes some other random famous leader. Here is the thing- the world does not need another leader like them. The people who I lead don’t need Mark Cuban leading them, they need me. The people you are leading need you to be YOU.

Lead Like YOU
The world needs you to lead like YOU. The world needs your style/brand of leadership. Let your personality shine. Let your quirks shine. Let your crazy show. Please for the sake of the world be you. Stop being a copy and be the original you are. We need you to lead like YOU. For the longest time I have tried to lead like someone else. When I do, my team suffers. The work the team produces suffers. My wife suffers as I come home frustrated. When I let go of those leadership masks and lead like me things change. I have seen it happen. I am not perfect at this. It is a daily battle to let go of those masks. It is hard to believe that I am good enough if I am being me. You may experience the same thing. Here’s the thing, we are awesome and the world needs us to lead like ourselves. Will you join me in taking off the masks?

But Shouldn’t I Be Improving My Leadership Skills
Yes. We should all be looking to improve our skills. Improving skills and leading like someone else are totally different. Learning to listen better as a leader is different than trying to lead like Steve Jobs.

I Dare You
I dare you to lead like you. I dare me to lead like me. Are we up for it? Only time will tell. For one week let’s lead like ourselves and see what happens. My guess is that the world will be a better place. And our teams will be much happier and productive. And have a greater impact on the world.


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