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Ever since I was little kid I enjoyed creating things.  As a kid I had a brown paper grocery bag filled with junk; this junk included things such as, empty milk jugs, empty paper towel rolls, a tube for a bike tire and other household trash.  With these parts I wanted to create a jet pack.  I thought it would be cool if I could create a jet pack and fly to wherever I wanted.  Try as I could I never was able to create the jet back.  Eventually I threw the bag away.  Sometimes I wish I had the bag to try to make the jet pack I always dreamed of.

As I grew up I noticed another thing about myself.  I was a leader, when I was in groups I would lead, in sports I would lead, I never thought much of naturally leading a group of people.

Being creative and a leader did not seem to mesh well in life.  As I read articles on creativity, rarely do they talk about using creativity in leadership.  When I read articles on leadership rarely do they talk about using leadership skills in creative endeavors and rarely talk about needing to be creative as a leader.

Up until recently I have tried to divide these two characteristics I have.  I even created a pseudonym for my creative work.  I thought I couldn’t associate my creative work with my leadership roles in life.

Now I have this theory.  In order to be a leader one must creative.  Not pie in the sky creative, rather one who creates things.

A leader is one who creates.

Leaders can create in many different ways.  A leader can create vision.  A leaders can create a healthy culture.  A leader can create trust.  A leader can create structures which allow people to succeed.

For me, I lead better when I can create art (film, story, curriculum, and things like this).  I love creating vision, structure and things like that as well, but creating art really causes me to be a better leader.

Below is one of my contributions of being creative to the world.  I played only a small part in making this film a reality and was surrounded by genius people.  It was great being part of multiple teams to create such a powerful piece of art.

What do you think, do leaders need to create?  What causes you to be a better leader?

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